Carpet manufactory

THANK YOU for all inquiries and orders that reach us via the website of Wollfabrik Huppertz.

We have a friendly relationship with the Hennecke family and were already able to supply mountain sheep wool in recent years. We are currently creating more space and expanding our warehouses so we can process orders faster in the future.

Please pay attention to the approximately 90 colors of our Tyrolean mountain sheep wool available.
We are happy to send you our wool pattern color chart for free. We endeavor to process all orders as quickly as possible, but we ask for your understanding that the planned new production volume will be possible only after completion of the conversion work and with the commissioning of the new system.

We are always happy to answer your questions and provide further information.


In our carpet workshop, custom-made and mostly unique carpets are made of spun Tyrolean mountain sheep and stone sheep wool. Widths from about 20 to about 400 cm and almost all lengths are possible here.

The regional wool of "our" Tyrolean mountain sheep and stone sheep, which we collect from regional sheep farmers, is rather coarse and structured and thus very well suited for carpets.

Carpets made of wool contribute significantly to create a pleasant indoor climate. They compensate for the humidity, isolate and can even filter pollutants such as formaldehyde and nicotine from the room air. Woven wool carpets are also reversible and easy to clean.

Depending on which area you think about a wool rug, which preferences you have for feel, structure and strength, we offer different structures. All are made by hand on one of our two looms made to measure. All grades are made by default in felted quality, but of course also available made from unmade from yarn.

Unser Schafwollzentrum im Film

Overview of our carpets

New wool carpet VALLUGA, rund

New wool carpet VALLUGA, oval

New wool carpet SHERPA

New wool carpet SCHLERN, ungewalkt

New wool carpet SCHLERN, gewalkt

New wool carpet OLPERER

New wool carpet TAIGA

New wool carpet ROFAN & NOBLESSE

New wool carpet FAT SHEEP

New wool carpet LOSER

New wool carpet SIMILAUN

New wool carpet FINEIL

New wool carpet ACHAT

New wool carpet TOSCANA

FLECKERLTEPPICH (Fleckerlcarpet) from cotton fabrics