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THANK YOU for all inquiries and orders that reach us via the website of Wollfabrik Huppertz.

We have a friendly relationship with the Hennecke family and were already able to supply mountain sheep wool in recent years. We are currently creating more space and expanding our warehouses so we can process orders faster in the future.

Please pay attention to the approximately 90 colors of our Tyrolean mountain sheep wool available. We are happy to send you our wool pattern color chart for free. We endeavor to process all orders as quickly as possible, but we ask for your understanding that the planned new production volume will be possible only after completion of the conversion work and with the commissioning of the new system.

We are always happy to answer your questions and provide further information.

Carded wool

Tyrolean mountain and stone sheep wool, carded in the card sliver and fleece

By carding (= combing), the wool fibers are arranged in parallel in one direction. This is the necessary preparation for spinning and felting.

In our assortment there are 10 natural 62 shades and 20 color melodies.

Here is our wool color chart

On request, we will gladly send you our wool color chart by post.

Carpet yarns

In our workshop we use regional wool from the from the Tyrolean mountain and stone sheep spun various wick yarns / carpet yarns.

In different strengths and in "each" color can be realized from creative projects ...

  • weave your own loom
  • knitting & chrocheting carpets, pillows, poufs, …
  • Decoration for inside & outside

You can choose from the following strengths:

Knitting & chrocheting yarns

Cozy evenings at home on the sofa with a "knitting" in the hands, in addition to the soft clatter of knitting needles - knitting enthusiasts can hardly imagine anything better. Wool glides through the fingers, stitch is added to the stitch, the knit takes shape.

Our knitting expert and passionate knitter Manuela is happy to advise you on the selection of the right yarn and supports you in the realization of your project.

At present, we offer the following qualities of knitting & chrocheting yarns:

Wool felt

100% virgin wool felt is a special material. Biodegradable from a renewable raw material, moisture resistant, fire resistant and known for its heat, cold and sound insulating properties.

Our pure wool felt made of 100% wool is available in about 40 different colors and different thicknesses of 3 - 12 mm.

You can choose from various cuts and designs for sets, coasters, pin boards, seat covers, ..., or by the meter.


Color Chart Melange New

Color Chart Melange

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